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Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KBE/011 Introduction to Environmental Management Winter Czech 2  
KBE/012 Biostatistics Summer Czech 7  
KBE/013 Modelling for ecologists in R Summer Czech 6  
KBE/014 Paleoecology, geology and geomorphology of Polar Regions - Czech 5  
KBE/015 Climatology, glaciology and microbial ecology of ice in polar regions - Czech 5  
KBE/016 Excursions in soil biology Winter Czech 3  
KBE/017 Molecular methods in soil and aquatic ecology Winter Czech 3  
KBE/018 Landscape of euroregions Winter Czech 2  
KBE/019 Social ecology of local rural systems Summer English 4  
KBE/020 Ecology of Soil Microorganism - Czech 5  
KBE/021 Interaction water-soil Winter English 3  
KBE/022 Ecology Winter Czech 6  
KBE/023 Evolutionary ecology Winter Czech 6  
KBE/025 Landscape Ecology I. Winter Czech 4  
KBE/026 Landscape Ecology II. Summer Czech 4  
KBE/027 Cultural history of the South Bohemian landscape Winter Czech 3  
KBE/028 Cultural landscape protection Summer Czech 5  
KBE/029 Lanscape Planning as a Tool of Environmental Protection - Czech 2  
KBE/030 Ecology and the environment Winter Czech 4  
KBE/048 The ecology of plant-microbe interactions - Czech 6  
KBE/049 Plant-animal interactions Summer Czech 6  
KBE/050 Introduction to modern regression methods - Czech 7  
KBE/051 Advanced regression methods Winter Czech 5  
KBE/052 Advanced ordination methods - Czech 3  
KBE/054 Geology Summer Czech 6  
KBE/059 Biometeorology - practical classes - Czech 3  
KBE/101 Seminar about Summer trainee-ship I Winter Czech 2  
KBE/102 Biogeochemical Cycles Summer Czech 3  
KBE/103 Chemical and Biological Pollutants in Water and Atmosphere Summer Czech 6  
KBE/104 Seminar about Summer trainee-ship I Winter Czech 2  
KBE/105 Soil contamination and degradation - Czech 6  
KBE/106 Introduction to Personal Communication Winter Czech 3  
KBE/107 Seminar about Summer trainee-ship III Winter Czech 2  
KBE/108 Seminar about Summer trainee-ship IV Winter Czech 2  
KBE/109 Thesis work seminar Summer Czech 1  
KBE/111 Summer trainee-ship I Summer Czech 1  
KBE/112 Summer trainee-ship III Summer Czech 1  
KBE/113 Public administration and regional development Winter Czech 3  
KBE/114 Environmental Technology Summer Czech 5  
KBE/115 Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation Winter English 4  
KBE/116 Environmental Data Processing Summer Czech 5  
KBE/118 Economic Ecology - Czech 3  
KBE/120 Environmental Law - Czech 6  
KBE/121 Digital image analysis in biology. Winter Czech 5  
KBE/122 Environmental Impacts Winter Czech 3  
KBE/124 Animal Ecology Winter Czech 3  
KBE/125 Animal Ecology (seminar) Summer Czech 3  
KBE/128 Introduction to Functional Ecology Summer Czech 6  
KBE/143 GIS III. - open source GIS Winter Czech 5  
KBE/183 Hydrobiology Colloquia Winter and summer Czech 2  
KBE/260 Microbiology - Czech 8  
KBE/261 Methods in Microbial Molecular Ecology Summer Czech 6  
KBE/262 Microbial biotechnologies I. Winter Czech 6  
KBE/263 Polar Ecology Summer Czech 5  
KBE/264 Polar Ecology (physical geography) - field exercise Winter Czech 5  
KBE/265 Polar Ecology (life science) - field exercise Winter Czech 5  
KBE/322 Physiological Plant Ecology - Czech 6  
KBE/343 Hydrobiology - Czech 3  
KBE/344 Environmental politics of the European Union Summer Czech 5  
KBE/350 Ecological Stoichiometry - Czech 3  
KBE/351 Tropical Ecology Winter Czech 5  
KBE/352 Wetland Ecology (seminar) Winter Czech 3  
KBE/354 Biotops of CR - Czech 5  
KBE/355 Tropical ecology field excursion Winter Czech 5  
KBE/367 Ecology of Water Vertebrates Winter Czech 5  
KBE/427 Wetland Ecology - Czech 6  
KBE/451 Hydrobiology - Field Excursion Summer Czech 3  
KBE/452 Basic Limnological Methods Summer Czech 3  
KBE/453 Planctonic Invertebrates (practical course) Summer Czech 3  
KBE/456 Biology of Water Organisms I Winter Czech 5  
KBE/457 Limnology of running waters Winter Czech 3  
KBE/458 Biology of Water Organisms II Summer Czech 5  
KBE/459 Aquatic Microbial Ecology Winter English 3  
KBE/460 Aquatic Chemistry - Introduction Winter Czech 6  
KBE/461 Advanced Limnological Methods - Czech 6  
KBE/465 Special Limnology - Czech 3  
KBE/466 Ecology of Algae and Cyanobacteria - Czech 6  
KBE/467 Zooplankton Ecology - Czech 3  
KBE/469 Elements Cycling and Processes in the Catchment - Czech 3  
KBE/471 Ecological management of reservoirs Winter Czech 5  
KBE/475 Basics of limnology Winter Czech 5  
KBE/479 Water Treatment Technologies and Public Water Supply Summer Czech 5  
KBE/513 Soil Physics and Chemistry - Czech 8  
KBE/514 Structure and Function of Agroecosystems - Czech 3  
KBE/517 Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Winter Czech 8  
KBE/519 Soil Zoology Summer Czech 8  
KBE/521 Soil Ecology Summer Czech 5  
KBE/521E Soil Ecology Summer English 5 The course is available to visiting students
KBE/542 Conservation Biology (Introduction) Winter Czech 6  
KBE/546 Ecosystem Management Course Winter Czech 3  
KBE/548 General and Digital Cartography Winter Czech 3  
KBE/550 Forestry - Czech 5  
KBE/551 Nature Conservation - Czech 3  
KBE/552 Ecology of Soil Organisms Winter Czech 5  
KBE/556 Applied Ecology II. Summer Czech 3  
KBE/557 Applied Ecology I. Winter Czech 3  
KBE/559 Geographical Information Systems II Summer Czech 6  
KBE/561 Remote sensing in environmental sciences Summer Czech 6  
KBE/563 Selected protected areas of the world - seminar Summer Czech 3  
KBE/568 Summer trainee-ship II Summer Czech 1  
KBE/569 Summer trainee-ship IV Summer Czech 1  
KBE/760 Biology of Microorganisms Winter English 5 The course is available to visiting students
KBE/760BI Biology of Microorganisms for Bioinformatisc Winter English 5 The course is available to visiting students
KBE/782 Data Visualisation - Czech 3  
KBE/785E Modern Regression Methods Winter English 6 The course is available to visiting students
KBE/880 Biogeochemistry Summer English 2  
KBE/990 Documentary and landscape photography course Winter Czech 3  
KBE/991 Principles of Landscape Planning Summer Czech 4  
KBE/S1 Hydrobiology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S10 Ecology of Running Waters and link to Terrestrial Ecosystem Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S11 Environmental Technology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S12 Production Ecology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S13 Ecology of Populations and Communities Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S14 Control and Protection of Environment Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S16 Soil Biology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S17 Theoretical Ecology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S18 Function of Ecosystems Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S2 Bio- and Ecotechnology in Limnology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S20 Soil Zoology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S21 Ecosystem Biology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S22 Conservation Biology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S3 Ecology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S4 Applied Ecology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S5 Ecological Applications Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S6 Ecology of Stagnant Waters Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S7 Landscape and Applied Ecology Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S8 Environment Winter and summer Czech 0  
KBE/S9 Soil Science Winter and summer Czech 0