List of courses for selected education branch: Informatics courses

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KIN/DBV Databases in education Winter and summer Czech 2  
KIN/FIT Forensic investigation of infor. techn. Winter Czech 3  
KIN/FITE Forensic investigation of infor. techn. Winter and summer Czech 3  
KIN/IKR Information criminality Summer Czech 3  
KIN/IKRE Information criminality Winter and summer Czech 3  
KIN/PATA Typography and publishing Winter Czech 6  
KIN/XBIS Computer Systems Security Winter and summer Czech 10  
KMI/ADIS1 Analysis and Design of IS 1 Winter English 5 The course is available to visiting students
KMI/BI Business Inteligence Summer Czech 5  
KMI/IZS Information and Knowledge Systems Winter Czech 5  
KMI/KBI Business Inteligence Summer Czech 5  
KMI/KXML unspecified Summer Czech 5  
KMI/OBI Business Inteligence Summer English 5  
KMI/OOP Fundamentals of Software Engineering Summer Czech 6  
KMI/PDIS2 Business Information Systems II Summer Czech 6  
KMI/PIS2 Information Systems Design II Winter Czech 5  
KMI/SRIS Strategy and Managament of IS Summer Czech 4  
KMI/SZIS SFE Information Systems Winter and summer Czech 0  
KMI/TISIT IS/IT Trends Winter Czech 4  
KMI/VPAMS unspecified Winter Czech 4  
KMI/VSP Levelling seminar in Programming Winter Czech 4  
KMI/VWF Web apps with frameworks development Summer Czech 4  
UAI/615 The Life Cycle of IT Contracts Summer Czech 3  
UAI/626 Modern Mobile Networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE.. Summer Czech 3  
UAI/637 Computer Science Education in Vocational Winter Czech 5  
UAI/661 Application of Civil and Commercial Law Summer Czech 3  
UAI/682 Computer Architecture II Winter and summer Czech 4  
UAI/687 Publishing and Typography Winter Czech 6  
UAI/695 Programming I Summer Czech 6  
UAI/698 Computers Architecture I Summer Czech 4  
UAI/703 Criminalistics I Winter Czech 6  
UAI/705 Forensic and Technical Activities - Czech 6  
UAI/706 Criminalistics in I. and C. Technologies Summer Czech 6  
UAI/707 Computer Networks II Summer Czech 6  
UAI/745 Forensic Examin. in Inform. Comunic. Tec Winter Czech 6  
UAI/748 Robotic Tutorial (.NET micro) Summer Czech 2  
UAI/756 CISCO Academy I Winter Czech, English 3  
UAI/757 CISCO Academy II Summer Czech, English 3  
UAI/758 CISCO Academy III Winter Czech 3  
UAI/760 DTP-LaTeX Winter and summer Czech 3