List of courses for selected education branch: Mechanical engineering and mechanical production

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KZT/DSS unspecified Winter Czech 5  
KZT/KPV Construction and operation of Vehicles Winter Czech 7  
KZT/NOM Material Science Winter Czech 5  
KZT/SS Machine Components Winter Czech 6  
KZT/SSRP unspecified Winter Czech 6  
KZT/SZHM Orchard, garden and hobby mechanization - Czech 5  
KZT/TRD unspecified Summer Czech 6  
KZT/TRDP Tractors and Transport Vehicles Summer Czech 5  
KZT/TRDP2 Tractors and Transport Equipment 2 Winter Czech 5  
KZT/TSV Technical Systems of Vehicles Summer Czech 7  
KZT/TZS Machinery Testing - Czech 5  
KZT/UOS Maintenance Services of Machinery - Czech 5  
KZT/ZSTE Basics of Engineering technology Summer Czech 6  
KZT/ZT Basics of Engineering Winter Czech 7  
KZT/ZZT unspecified - Czech 7  
OJZ/100 Bachelor English for Beginners Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/101 Bachelor English for Beginners Summer Czech 2  
OJZ/110 English 1 Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/111 English 1 Summer Czech 2  
OJZ/120 English II. Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/121 English II. Summer Czech 2  
OJZ/131 English III. Summer Czech 2  
OJZ/210 English NS 1 Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/211 English NS 1 Summer Czech 2  
OJZ/220 English NS II. Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/230 English NS III. Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/231 English NS III. Summer Czech 2  
OJZ/310 Master´s English 1 Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/330 TOEFL Preparation Course Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/410 Master´s English NS 1 Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/430 TOEFL Preparation Course NS Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/500 Doctor´s English Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/520 English for IT 1 Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/521 English for IT 2 Summer Czech 2  
OJZ/525 English for Science 1 Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/530 English for Workplace 1 Winter Czech 2  
OJZ/531 English for Workplace 2 Summer Czech 2  
OJZ/540 English for Autonomous Learning Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/545 English for TOEIC Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/610 English language - level BAK IV- practic Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/650 Technical Writing Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/660 Scientific English Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/680 TOEIC Listening and Reading Preparation Winter and summer Czech 0  
OJZ/681 TOEIC Speak. and Writ. Preparation Cours Winter and summer Czech 0  
OJZ/682 TOEFL ITP Preparation Course Winter and summer Czech 0  
OJZ/701 Spanish I Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/702 Spanish II Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/703 Spanish III Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/704 Spanish IV Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/706 Spanish VI. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/711 French I Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/712 French II. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/713 French III. Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/714 French IV. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/715 French V. Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/716 French VI. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/721 German I Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/722 German II. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/723 German III. Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/724 German IV. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/725 German V. Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/726 German VI. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/727 German Conversation Winter and summer Czech 2  
OJZ/731 Russian 1 Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/732 Russian II. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/733 Russian III. Winter Czech 3  
OJZ/734 Russian IV. Summer Czech 3  
OJZ/900 Progress Examination in English Summer Czech 0  
OJZ/910 Bachelor´s English Examination Winter and summer Czech 8  
UAI/722 Modeling and Simulation Winter Czech 6  
UAI/784 Artificial Intelligence for Autonom. Sys Winter Czech 6  
UFY/TER Thermomechanics Summer Czech 4  
UFY/TERK Thermomechanics for Combined Studies Summer Czech 4  
UFY/VTF Computer-based Techniques for Physicists Winter Czech 1  
UFY/VTFK Computer Technique for Physicists for CS Winter Czech 1  
UMB/551 Linear Algebra Winter Czech 3  
UMB/565 Calculus II Summer Czech 8  
UMB/566 Calculus III Winter Czech 8