List of courses for selected education branch: Veterinary medicine and veterinary prevention

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KZVE/QVEPA unspecified Winter Czech 7  
KZVE/QXOZZ unspecified Summer Czech 5  
KZVE/QZOPR unspecified Winter Czech 5  
KZVE/VEPAR Veterinary Parasitology Winter Czech 7  
KZVE/XOZZ unspecified Summer Czech 5  
KZVE/ZOPRE unspecified Winter Czech 5  
VURH/NERAN Fish and Crayfish Diseases Winter and summer Czech, English 5  
VURH/NRYBF Fish Diseases Winter Czech 5  
VURH/NRYBK Fish Diseases Winter Czech 5