List of courses for selected education branch: General professional training

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KBD/PROD Professional Practice Summer Czech 4  
KBD/PRODN Professional Practice Summer Czech 4  
KBD/PRPR Operational Practice Summer Czech 2  
KKM/UT Water Courses Adjutment Summer Czech 5  
KZT/DISN Workshop Equipment and Tools Winter Czech 6  
KZT/DSN unspecified Winter Czech 5  
KZT/KSOP1 Seminar with Practitioners 1 Winter Czech 3  
KZT/KSOP2 Seminar with Practitioners 2 Summer Czech 3  
KZT/KSOP3 Seminar with Practitioners 3 Winter Czech 3  
KZT/KSOP4 Seminar with Practitioners 4 Summer Czech 3  
KZT/NOM Material Science Winter Czech 5  
KZT/TNB Technical Standards and Safety Summer Czech 5